berwick upon tweed film and media art festival 2015

Tall Tales & Short Stories


Location: The Maltings Theatre & Cinema International / 2011 / 75 min / Cert. Suggested 15

An exciting range of short fiction, animation, and experimental film from all over the world, presenting a mix of recent award winners and festival favourites, as well as the World Premiere of Mare, commissioned by Northumberland County Council, created by Faroese artists Rammatik - Marianna Mørkøre & Rannvá Káradóttir, and shot here on the Berwick coastline, featuring members of the Maltings’ Youth Drama and Dance company.

The selection, in running order: 

The Lost Town of Switez
Kamil Polak I Poland/France/Denmark/Canada/Switzerland I 2010 I 20 min
An epic and apocalyptic tale, importing oil painting into digital 3D animation.

Pilar Mata Dupont I Australia I UK Premiere I 2010 I 4 min
A boy confronts his fear in the form of the girl-wolf in this simple, rural fable.

The Hartlepool Monkey
Tom Marshall I UK I 2010 I 9 min
The North East legend of a Napoleonic ship, re-told by Streetwise Opera.

The Hunter and the Swan Discuss their Meeting
Emily Carmichael I USA I UK Premiere I 2010 I 8 min
A funny and fantastical account of dating in modern day Brooklyn, New York.

Boy Brides & Bachelors
Melissa Potter I USA I European Premiere I 2010 I 4 min
A part-animated documentation of a Surovari ritual in South East Serbia.

Winter Poem
Rok Predin I UK I Regional Premiere I 2011 I 7 min
An animated lyrical tale of a soldier lost in a forest, and a mischievous deity.

Isle of Lox: The Fruits Electric
Cristian Straub & Leyla Rodriguez I Germany I 2010 I 4 min
An audiovisual feast, inspired by the birth of Aphrodite and the fall of Eve.

Little Miss Eyeflap (Skylappjenta)
Iram Haq I Norway I UK Premiere I 2009 I 9 min
A contemporary, Norwegian-Pakistani take on ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’

Marianna Mørkøre & Rannvá Káradóttir I UK I World Premiere I 2011 I 6 min
An exploration of the erosion of the Northumberland coastline and of the folkloric meaning of the spirit in nightmares.


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