Berwick New Cinema Competition Winner Announced!


Berwick New Cinema Competition Winner Announced!

Tonight, at the closing ceremonies of the 12th edition of the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, the winner of the newly-expanded Berwick New Cinema Competition was announced.

In a short statement made by jurors Rehana Zaman, Shama Khanna and Sebastian Buerkner, they said:

'Thank you Peter for inviting us to jury this prize. The programme was incredibly rich and held a plurality of voices, experiences and forms. As artists ourselves we believe in the strength and support of our peers so it feels slightly antithetical to be awarding a prize to one winner when all of these works demonstrate a depth of knowledge, care and consideration.

'In choosing the winner for the competition we found that we were drawn to films that expressed a complexity that kept us guessing. And then today we were confronted by a film that seemed to be actually quite simple in its structure and form yet remained elusive to us both. We were looking for something that might speak to the present moment and so were thrown by a film that seemed so much of another time. However we understood Cilaos to be absolutely located in a contemporary moment, the slippery nature of the narrative at once both specific and grand, mythic and familial. The visceral quality of both sound and image left us feeling exhilarated. We are very much looking forward to seeing Cilaos again, congratulations to the winner of the competition Camilo Restrepo.'