berwick upon tweed film and media art festival 2015

The Town Hall

The Council Chamber

The Council Chamber lies at the east end of Berwick's Town Hall in the heart of the town. The Chamber is used by the Borough Council, the Berwick upon Tweed Guild of Freemen, and Trustees. Above the entrance, two clock hands show the time 11 o'clock, this being the time at which Council Meetings used to be held. The present furnishings of the Chamber date from the reform of local government in 1974.

The Council Chamber will this year exhibit a site-specific installation of Fruits of Our Land.


The Prison Cells

The Prison Cells occupy the second floor of the Town Hall, completed in 1761. The first cell on the right was built for high-risk prisoners, the second was for women, and the third cell was for short-term prisoners, mostly sailors and soldiers of the garrison. Opposite is the drunkards’ cell with a sloping bed to drain bodily fluids. The final cell is the condemned cell which was last occupied by Grace Griffin who was hanged in 1823. The gaol was in use until 1849, when a new prison, now the council offices, was built.

The Prison Cells will house an exhibition of five different works, collectively titled The Debatable Lands.

Venue courtesy of The Freemen of Berwick.